JH Phrydas is a writer, poet, and queer preservationist. He studied literature at UC Berkeley and poetry at Naropa University, where he explored how language and writing intersect with queerness and the body. He has published numerous essays on and offline. He is the author of Levitations (Timeless, Infinite Light, 2015), Empire in Shade (Essay Press, 2017), and Imperial Physique (Punctum Books, 2019). 

Over the past five years, he has worked as a teacher, writer, editor, and content producer for universities, poetry magazines, startups, and nonprofits. His interests lie in exploring queerness, history, and art as routes towards new types of world-building. Phrydas is currently working on a biography of Mr. David Glamamore: underground fashion designer, drag performer, and queer icon. He splits his time between Koreatown/LA and SOMA/SF.

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