Dancer & Drag Queen

What attracts me to Glamamore is this combination of comedy and camp and gravitas and deep beauty and thinking and feeling. Some of her numbers are super smart. Some of them are deeply emotional. Some are zany and some are fun. Of course, there are other performers that incorporate these elements, but Glamamore has ALL of them. Glama can do the wacky number. Glama can do the well-thought out reveal--the smart number. Glama can be perfectly still and hold the moment. I'll never forget how in 'Fake Plastic Trees' she barely does anything, and it just slays.

I say barely does anything. That's not true. She doesn't move her body, but her face and breath definitely perform. I love watching Glamamore in stillness. She's is a diva--an event of expressivity. For me as a dancer, she exudes an embodiment of dance and femininity.