Glamamore can do all kinds of performances. From the super clown—just like over-the-top absolutely ridiculous—to really intense emotional content. And that’s why he’s one of the greatest performers—probably the greatest performer I’ve personally ever seen—is because he has that range.

I was thinking about what makes David a good performer. Like, ‘Why am I drawn to certain performers and not others?’ To me, it comes down to this embodiment: ‘Do I believe them? Do I feel it? Am I having some kind of emotional or even physical reaction to what I’m seeing? Do I believe this moment? Am I there? Am I connecting?’ And David, he has that ability to drop in, and you connect to that place. Whether it’s completely ridiculous, like the granny with the walker and the oxygen tank, or ‘Fake Plastic Trees,’ where he doesn’t even move, and he’s just looking at you and lip syncing with his eyes and tears, and everyone in the audience is crying, and you don’t even totally understand why... Other than... You just feel, you know?

There are some performances of his that were definitely ‘Oh my god’ moments. For one of the circus nights at Trannyshack, he was half man / half woman and dancing with himself. The way that looked to me, I was like, ‘He’s a genius.’ It looked so real that it just tripped me out.

Another was when he did ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow,’ but he painted himself in gray tones so that everything looked black and white, like the movie. I helped him get ready and watched him make the dress. I saw the whole prep. But then, to see it actually lived out on stage, I was like, ‘Holy shit. It looks like a black and white movie screen. Oh my god, how do you do that?’

He’s such a visionary in that way.