Drag Queen & Activist

Glamamore has done so much to keep queer bars alive in San Francisco and helped to make gay bars more queer. The Powerhouse, for example, used to be this really butch, masculine, sex & leather bar, now all of a sudden there are drag queens! And not only are there drag queens but drag shows! That’s a huge cultural shift that happened largely because of David. I also think Glama was a major lifeline for the Stud that kept it viable for a decade before the business was put up for sale by the prior owner. Now, it’s the first and only queer owned co-op bar in the United States.

Glamamore has had a huge impact on San Francisco fashion through icons like Juanita—who is such a brilliant figure in the local scene—but also through many more local queens. Katya Smirnoff-Skyy is a huge patron of his, as was Veronica Klaus, the chanteuse. Alotta Boutte, Dottie Lux, and many of the burlesque girls, drag queens, and scenester/clubkids get their stuff done by him.

I think that Glama has made a huge impact on San Francisco in nightlife, performance, fashion, and in elevating those elements to fine art. He’s done fashion shows at the de Young, you know? When you look at some of the big queer artists active in our community—like Fauxnique, and Mica Sigourney, and many other fantastic queer artists—they have been influenced (and almost always dressed) by David in some way, shape, or form.

Glama has such a talent for nurturing drag queens and supporting people coming up in the scene. She’s a costume designer, she’s a performer, and she’s a producer, she’s my wicked step-mother, mentor, and friend... These are all sides of Mr. David Glamamore.