Singer & Songwriter

When Deee-Lite’s first white label release took off, the label told us we'd get to shoot a video. I immediately called Glamamore to make the costumes for what became the ‘Groove is in the Heart’ video and tour.

I knew I wanted to be wearing red hot pants up on my Gogo cube, and she designed it. She made that harlequin jumpsuit out of three Pucci pair of tights that were in a discount bin at Pucci. That set a trend, and later that year, Emilio Pucci was winning a lifetime achievement award and they asked me to help present it to him. The backless green sequin catsuit that Glamamore made me got knocked off by a famous French couture designer. That was the ultimate homage to be paid to us both.

Glamamore helped make Paris burn for me... literally. The first time I was there to sing, there was a riot because the venue oversold tickets. Someone stuck outside lit a car on fire. I mean, it was literally on fire, so Paris was burning and I was wearing Mr. David. Mugler and Gaultier were in the front row, and I met them backstage. Everyone was like, ‘Who is she wearing?’