DJ & Songwriter

In the ‘80s, we were living a life no 18-year-old from anywhere could come and do now. In those days, you could pay a couple hundred bucks each month for rent and then go out every night for free: Palladium, Danceteria, Area, Pyramid, Boy Bar, all in one night.

We got really dressed up back then. I wore makeup everyday and walked everywhere in high heels. And we drank for free. If the doormen liked the way you looked, they’d invite you in. My friends and I got treated like stars. We’d go into places and be like, “Oh my god! There’s Grace Jones, and Warhol, and Debbie Harry, and Madonna, and Keith Haring.” And then, all the New York stars of the time were there, too. Like John Sex, Dianne Brill. And then you had the Boy Bar queens.

They were nightlife stars! We didn’t see them as any different than Grace Jones or other big stars hanging out in the clubs. They were all stars. You know, as a kid, I always thought of Divine as being a rock star. I never realized that Divine wasn't much different than Glamamore—except that she was working with John Waters and had the film success, you know? But like Divine, Glamamore’s a rock star who dresses in drag. And she’s no different than Cher, or Elton John, or Bowie. She’s just not maybe as famous as a Cher or an Elton or a Bowie, but she’s a star nonetheless.