The gift, or niche, or thing about David is that his thought process is always going. You say one word, and all of a sudden, he has an outfit and a show planned: the lighting, the dress, the outfit, all of it. And you’re like, ‘How did that happen?’ He has this ability to connect to universal consciousness—the chaos of it. That’s his other gift: being able to show people—and let them find—the chaos.

Chaos is great. Chaos is amazing. And chaos is a part of David. Because he understands that chaos is what we create. And in turn, it creates sex, it creates energy. All these attract vital triggers in our body, and so someone watching the show—seeing David and being connected and finding that place in themselves for a short time—it’s not easy to get to, but they find it.

It’s hard to share that. Someone can’t give you your phone and, all of a sudden, you’re there. You have to find it. I think that’s one of my favorite things about David: there’s always this beautiful chaos going on.

And it’s beyond legendary. It’s beyond iconic. He’s part of the fabric of this place. It’s like San Francisco without Coit Tower or the wharf. I really can’t imagine this city without him.