Notes on Theory, the Body, and Evil
Radio: 11.8.16
Essay Press
Jan 2017

”After reading Louis Menand’s article “The de Man Case” in The New Yorker two years ago, I began to wonder about evil and its implications in theory and contemporary writing practices. Now more than ever, I continue to track such reverberations.”

On Melissa Buzzeo’s The Devastation
Entropy Magazine  
Apr 2016

“My Atlanta Catholic upbringing couldn’t have prepared me for the intrigue of mid- to late-20th century continental philosophy. Neither did it gracefully support me in my confused coming-to-terms with my queerness.”

Empathetics: a Somatic Approach
Jacket2 Magazine
Feb 2016

“Frustrated by debates over Conceptualism v. “Other,” I’m hoping, in this small space, to swerve and focus on what is, to me, a more daunting divide in contemporary experimental writing: that between Empathic and Apathetic art.”

Somatics and Experimental Prose

Aufgabe 13
Litmus Press

Jun 2014

“I will begin with prose: why prose,
especially experimental prose, the place
of the sentence, the paragraph, the “novel”;
in effect, why do some of us write prose instead of poetry, or music, or architectural blueprints?”

Architextural Attunement

MFA Lecture

Naropa University

Jun 2014

“I wanted to write the non-verbal.
I wanted to find out how one writes
what cannot be written…”

jai arun ravine's and then entwine

Something on Paper

Nov 2013

“Slow, methodical, like the tides of the ocean, Ravine writes a textual space that maps the trajectories of the body as immigrant, as biologically mutable, as self-determining.”

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